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Kate Earl - Music

About Kate Earl

My name is Kate Earl. Having worked with two major labels in the US and achieved #1 downloads on I-tunes both sides of the atlantic I decided to self produce and release my 4th album through the UK. When I got to this city it became an adventure for me, it had been my dream to make and release an album here since the night I received a standing ovation at the London Palladium. The experience and resources from my previous success created an urge to make an album for me, to take that journey of exploring my own sound and creative direction. Thanks to my amazing fans, I took this ambition to Jamaica and ended up at Rak Studios in London with Gary Noble having accepted my invitation to co-produce the album together. Mixer Tchad Blake joined us to finish the work with the final magic touch of mastering engineer Reuben Cohen. This EP is my first endeavor as a producer and contains my first soul recordings.