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Kate Earl - Ransom EP album cover


Kate Earl - Music

About Kate Earl

My name is Kate Earl. I've had a few incarnations.

I started out as a church girl from a gas station in Chugiak, Alaska. My first record garnered the review of "folk chanteuse" by Rolling Stone. For the second album I journeyed as a kind of pop artist with a promising #1 on I-tunes and a single on the Billboard Hot 100. Simultaneously, I discovered that I was pregnant.

Naturally, my life quickly shifted to welcome my greatest treasure into this world. I eventually returned to the music scene as what radio called an alt-rock maven. But through each period of musical collaboration, I would write soul and blues tunes for my personal gratification, too intimate to release into the wild unknown. Until now.

Without the confidence to unveil myself, these songs were originally written for private expression and catharsis. I would show folks here and there. And many times I was told by friends and fans alike, that I should really just do me. By the time I approached each of my labels with it, it just didn't fit in with the projects that were underway. This thing I was doing seemed like one-off songs because I had treated them as such. And then one day it hit me. This style of music keeps returning to me. And I've been too busy asking people what they thought even though my spirit felt best in soul and the blues.

I'm a lover of classic rock, doo-wop, pop and jazz alike thanks to my generation spanning, culturally diverse family and gospel infused upbringing. Being signed 3 times has given me the awareness that I indeed have something to offer. Maybe I just haven't been offering all of myself. Perhaps the experience of making albums, touring from bars to stadiums, writing hundreds of songs, cultivating musicianship, relationships and performance skills, let alone my new role as a mama lion, has now made me capable of executing the ideas that pull from my hidden self, the music that secret Kate was inspired by. I then promised myself to be true. To let out this creature I'd spent my whole life trying to tame.

During my Jamaica sessions this past february, I was introduced to Gary Noble. I called him to tell him how inspired I was by his work with Amy Winehouse and he accepted my invitation to co-produce Ransom with me. His talents span the genres of rock, soul, blues and r&b as heard in his work with Santana, Winehouse, Joss Stone and the Fugees to name a few. We unearthed my Jamaica tracks at Rak studio's in London and magic ensued there, blending the styles I've been so inspired to work on.. I look forward to unveiling the sounds of the collaboration.

So here lies the culmination of one girl's heart and soul, kept in a cage for so long, because I'd once believed that I couldn't be free. Or else that I just wasn't ready. The time has come to let the world see me as I am. This EP is made up of my first soul recordings. It is my Ransom.